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Dr. Linstroth Patient Reviews

Dr. Linstroth Patient Reviews

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Nice to know that someone else wants to save my teeth besides me. The procedure sounds painful, but it was pretty pain free. The worst part was the numbing! And that was nothing. I was told what to expect every step of the way. I was often asked if I was OK or comfortable. I was both. No problems or pain later in the day either. All that worrying for nothing! Thanks

—By Dave C.


Everyone from the time you come through the door, have your appointment, and leave everyone is friendly, upbeat and professional! I just love everyone in his department.

—By Leora K.


Dr Lindstroth and Lisa are friendly, professional and thorough. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

—By Elizabeth B.


Have been a patient of Dr. Linstroth for over 25 yrs. & have always found him to be thorough, professional, knowledgeable, & considerate. I guess that's why I have remained his patient for so many years.

—By Helene B.

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