The routine removal of teeth may be performed by any of our doctors at Racine Dental Group. Our board certified oral surgeon is available to handle all complex extractions and the scope of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. The majority of these procedures can be managed in one of our Surgical Procedure Suites within the dental office. However, on occasion, some patients may need a hospital setting to complete the procedure. Our oral surgeon is on staff at All Saint’s Hospital to accommodate patients with these special requirements. Chose from the following links to find out more about our oral surgeons and the services they provide.

Oral surgeons perform a wide variety of facial and dental procedures. Some of the most common oral surgeries include removal of wisdom teeth, treatment of TMJ, and repair of jaw fractures.

Removal of Third Molars

Wisdom teeth are a valuable asset to the mouth when they are healthy and properly positioned. Often, however, problems develop that require their removal. When the jaw isn’t large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth, they can become impacted (unable to come in or misaligned). Wisdom teeth may grow sideways, emerge only part way from the gum or remain trapped beneath the gum and bone.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is generally recommended when:

  • Wisdom teeth only partially erupt. This leaves an opening for bacteria to enter around the tooth and cause an infection. Pain, swelling, jaw stiffness and general illness can result.
  • There is a chance that poorly aligned wisdom teeth will damage adjacent teeth.
  • A cyst (fluid-filled sac) forms, destroying surrounding structures such as bone or tooth roots.

Patients should ask the dentist about the health and positioning of their wisdom teeth. The dentist may make a recommendation for removal or send the patient to an oral surgeon for further evaluation.

Hospital Dentistry

Some patients may have medical conditions that require the facilities of a hospital to complete their dental treatment. Mentally and physically challenged patients may also need to be treated in a hospital setting. Several of our doctors are on staff at All Saint’s Hospital in Racine and have experience in treating patients in a hospital setting.

Nitrous Oxide Anagesia and IV Sedation

Some patients may be apprehensive when undergoing dental treatment. Some patients may be so apprehensive that they may neglect their dental health because of their fears. These patients should not feel the need to avoid dental treatment because treatments are available to control their apprehension. Our office provides both nitrous oxide analgesia for mild to moderate apprehension. Nitrous oxide is analgesic gas that is administered in a measured device, which can help the patient relax in a safe and effective manner.

IV sedation or “twilight sleep” is the delivery of relaxing medications intravenously to control moderate to severe apprehension. In our office, the sedation is administered by licensed, experienced and board certified personnel.

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