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Dr. Emery Patient Reviews

Dr. Emery Patient Reviews

Tell us how your visit was! If you wish to provide feedback, please ask your dentist's office to send you an online survey or email our Marketing Manager at jcrisostomo@racinedentalgroup.com. Be sure to include the name of any people involved!


Dr. Emery has been absolutely great with me and my son. She has accommodated our requests without hesitation and has made herself available upon request. I wish everyone would have her work ethics and bedside manner. I'm totally impressed and we will be longtime customers of Dr. Emery.

—By Catherine Y.


I had not had dental work in a while, and was a little apprehensive and nervous. Dr. Emery along with the staff at Racine Dental Group put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Dr. Emery and the staff at Racine Dental Group.

—By Kyle B


Johanna is an excellent dental hygienist. (She's a lot of fun too!) I highly recommend her.

—By Mary S.


We continue to drive 40 miles one way because of Dr. Emery and the hygienist, Johanna. Both are very personable and we have great faith in their attention to detail and dental knowledge. I can't imagine finding a better dentist!

—By Dawn W.


Dr Emery and Johanna are really very special. I've honestly never had a better hygienist or a less-invasive dentist!

—By Jill A.


I love everyone at this office!

—By Monica G.


The tech that did my impressions really knew what she was doing. It seemed like she had done it numerous times before. I was in and out in under 10 min. Everyone I have contact with when I go there is always so personable. I highly recommend Dr. Emery's practice!

—By Miranda M.


Johanna is the most personable and skilled hygienist I have had at the Racine Dental Group over many years of being a patient of the clinic. I am not a person who is comfortable with going to the dentist but have found that everyone in Dr. Emery's office is not only skilled in their trade but have excellent "people" skills and genuinely "good" persons. I would create Dr. Emery for fostering that environment and choosing her staff.

—By Joann M.


From the moment I walked in to the end of my visit was a 5 star experience. Smiles, friendliness, helpfulness from everyone. Johanna was warm and calm as she cleaned my teeth. Dr. Emery has a great smile and makes you feel welcome. I would definitely recommend Dr. Allison Emery and her group to anyone looking for a dental team that you'll feel comfortable with.

—By Debra H.

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