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Dr. Elcano Patient Reviews

Dr. Elcano Patient Reviews

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I appreciate the pain free work that Dr. Elcano does, and the friendliness of him and his staff. I have always been treated with respect and appreciate that I leave with a smile and a feeling of well-being!

—By Diane M


Dr. Elcano and his team are patient oriented and delivers all services professionally.

—By Anonymous


I don't care to go to the dentist, never have. It's a huge source of anxiety for me. Dr Elcano made me feel at ease and knew just how to take care of me.

—By John S.


Racine Dental Clinic with Dr. Elcano is a very scary visit made easy. I am very happy to visit a dentist now. He and his staff are wonderful. I am made to feel special on every visit. Do not ever let him go.

—By Richard M.


The Racine Dental Group was a fantastic experience all around. Everyone was friendly and helpful and the actual service was perfect. I went to Dr. Elcano and with his outstanding knowledge and personality it was the best dental experience I have ever had. Also his hygienist Mindy did a perfect job considering I hadn't been to the dentist in awhile. Thanks for everything!

—By Robby RV


I recently had oral surgery, as always the receptionist is warm friendly and helpful, the doctor and his assistant are charming and make you feel at ease.

—By Rozsette G

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