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Privacy Policy

Racine Dental Group, S.C. makes ACH payments available for patient’s convenience to manage their accounts.  Protecting personal information and using it in a manner consistent with our member’s expectations is a high priority for everyone associated with our credit union.

As a patient of Racine Dental Group, S.C. patients are also responsible for safeguarding their financial information.

To ensure that patients can rely upon the quality of products and services we make available, Racine Dental Group, S.C. stands behind the following privacy policy guidelines:

  • Racine Dental Group, S.C. will collect only the personal information that is necessary to conduct our business. That means just what is necessary to complete a payment transaction – no more.
  • Racine Dental Group, S.C. will protect our patients’ personal information. Racine Dental Group, S.C. will maintain strong security controls to ensure that patient information is protected in our files and computers. Where appropriate, we will use security-coding techniques to protect against unauthorized access to personal records, ensure accuracy and integrity of communications and transactions, and protect patient confidentiality.
  • Patients will always have access to their payment information. Patients of Racine Dental Group, S.C. have the right to review their payment information and request necessary changes to ensure that our records are complete and accurate.
  • Racine Dental Group, S.C. will only share information when absolutely necessary. We will only use the minimum necessary protected health information needed to perform our duties.
  • Racine Dental Group, S.C. will obtain satisfactory assurance in the form of a written contract that our Business Associates will appropriately safeguard and limit their use and disclosure of the protected health information we disclose to them.  Under no circumstances will we authorize these firms to charge your account without your express consent, and we will not sell member information to telemarketing firms.

Racine Dental Group, S.C. is committed to providing excellent service, convenience and confidentiality to all of our patients.

Refund Policy

It is the practice of Racine Dental Group, S.C., to perform monthly audits to identify any credits due to patients. If a credit is needed, Racine Dental Group, S.C. will first identify if there is another account for a patient needing payment already, or needing payment within 60-days. If so, the balance will be transferred. If there is not, a credit will be issued. Credits will be issued in the format of payment:

  • If payment was received via cash, debit or check – reimbursement will come via a check
  • If payment was receive via credit card – reimbursement will come via a credit to the account

Any refunds will be delivered within 30-days of the internal audit, so within 60-days of original invoice. Some exceptions may apply depending on specific patient or insurance arrangements.

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