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Dr. Cruthers Patient Reviews

Dr. Cruthers Patient Reviews

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Had teeth checked and cleaned saw dentist, explained that a chip that was repaired had come out, he fit me in to repair it, then decided to cap it so made an appt not that far off. EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL, AND FRIENDLY SERVICE. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

—By William L.


Excellent and professional visit, I will continue to use his services.

—By Anthony H.


Dr Aaron and Staff I feel comfortable & confident with Dr Aaron & staff, they give good service, and provide excellent care & counsel for their patients. I would recommend them to my friends and family

—By Selena G.


I appreciated that Dr. Cruthers stayed passed his current day to repair my broken tooth. What really impressed me: It was the night prior to his vacation and he stayed passed his scheduled appointments, to not only see me, but personally repaired the tooth I broke off just a couple of hours prior. The company I retired from offers several dental plans with Racine Dental Group as one of the choices. I chose the right place years ago and plan to stay with them. Thanks for great, prompt service.

—By John C.


Thank you to Dr. Cruthers and Jen and Amanda! I am the biggest chicken when it comes to work on my teeth. In fact, I had been putting this crown work off for months. Everyone was working to make sure that I was pain-free during the procedure and they were successful. I am a new patient, but I feel cared for like I had been a patient for years. Thanks again!

—By Kathy T.


Dentist's practices always make me nervous. Aaron and his team are relaxed yet professional and soon put me at ease. My first dentist experience in the USA and I am sold...... My recommendation to use Aaron has been exceeded after one visit with treatment for a cavity. My smile now looks great again. Thank you. Dentist of choice for the next few years while I am living in the states. Excellent team :)

—By Sean R.


I've been a customer for almost 20 years now, and I must say, their service is Excellent. The staff is very friendly and informative. If you're looking to switch dentists or new to the area, give them a call, you won't be disappointed.

—By Timothy S.


Excellent care! Dr. Cruthers saved a tooth of mine that a prior dentist could not even diagnose the problem. Fran, his receptionist is amazing. Excellent follow through.

—Debra K.


Dr. Cruthers has the best support staff! They are friendly and professional. Their attitude makes going to the dentist a little less stressful. Thanks, Ladies!



My appointment was swell, on time, professional, thorough, no pain, pleasant (both Amanda & Dr. Cruthers). Two hours in the chair weren't bad at all (at least for me!) I almost look forward to my next appointment.

—By Kathy O.

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