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Cosmetic Dentistry

The field of cosmetic dentistry has made great strides during the last ten years. With the wide array of techniques now available, it's important you consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to discuss your treatment options. This will ensure you are advised on the most appropriate solutions to create your new smile. When you consult a cosmetic dentist, the first step isn't going over techniques - it's talking with you about your goals.

Your cosmetic dentist will sit down and talk with you about how you feel about your smile, what changes you'd like to consider, and what you'd like the outcome to be. Your dentist will review the whole range of treatment options available to you. These options include details on the scope and length of treatment, costs and insurance coverage, and other information. Also, you'll have a chance to look at "before and after' photographs to see the many ways your smile may be improved. Different styles of smiles are possible. Your dentist can help you pick the one best for you.

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Once you have decided on the desired "outcome" - how you'd like to have your smile changed, your dentist will develop a specific treatment plan using his or her advanced training and expertise. This may include involving additional professionals at Racine Dental Group, as needed, to make sure you achieve the smile you most desire.

As an additional convenience to our customers, our practice has an in-house laboratory, staffed with full-time professionals experienced in prosthetics, ceramic restorations, crowns, and bridges. Our dentists work closely with the laboratory staff to achieve the highest quality results possible. Because the lab is onsite, patients can be assured that their crowns, bridges, dentures, partials and aesthetic restorations will be completed promptly.

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