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Dr. Simes Patient Reviews

Dr. Simes Patient Reviews

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Dr. Simes is a wonderful dentist. Great communicator, warm personality, and the best at what he does. I just had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and I was scared to have the procedure done. He explained everything to me, and answered all my questions. I left his office very pleased...as always. :)

—By Jana Z


There is a rare combination of genuine human concern and medical expertise at this office. Thank you to everyone from Val at the appointments desk to Dr. Simes who inspires quality support from his entire staff.



Dr. Simes is a wonderful dentist. He takes the time needed to do a great job and he has the knowledge to be one of the best. I feel fortunate to have such a compassionate, gentle, and smart dentist.

—By Sandra S


Dr. Simes is so compassionate and is always mindful of how you are feeling. He is very gentle and a wonderful dentist. His staff is wonderful as well. They treat you as a person with feelings and will do anything they can to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

—By Carol P


On time, pleasant, friendly and keeps my teeth in good shape.

—By Timothy H.

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