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Dr. Kenfield Patient Reviews

Dr. Kenfield Patient Reviews

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My appointment went great. As usual, the staff was helpful, friendly and professional. Dr. Kenfield and staff communicate very well concerning what needs to be done, cost, insurance issues, etc. This is so appreciated.

—By Sheryl M.


Dr. Kenfield is everything you would want in a dentist. He's friendly, answers questions which are understandable and his staff is always available and can get you in to see the doctor in a short time. Furthermore, his work is outstanding and if there is something outside his expertise, he gladly refers you to an expert. Dr. Kenfield has been my dentist for over 20 years and his dental hygienist, Mryna, is wonderful. She's been my hygienist for over 25 years. Dr. Kenfield and Myrna, a great team

—By Carolyn F.


Got in a couple minutes early. Nice! Lisa is friendly and does a good job cleaning.

—By Cindy A


Always great service here. Dr. Kenfield does an excellent job.

—By Thomas R.


Michelle does a great job and it is nice to have the continuity of the same hygienist. Dr. Kenfield is thorough and efficient.

—By Peggy R.


Dr. Kenfield is a very caring dentist and always ensures that I, a nervous dental patient, am comfortable during my visit. He explains all procedures that he is doing beforehand so that I can anticipate the treatment and am better prepared. His dental assistants are very nice and the TV with closed captioning is very helpful.

—By Anonymous


I needed to establish a new dentist because of my dental insurance. Racine Dental Group was recommended. A close friend also referred me to Dr. Kenfield. I'm very happy with the change and everyone at the clinic is very helpful and nice to work with. They do not mind my many questions.

—By Jean W


I had to get in due to extreme tooth pain. They got me in same day.

—By Susan S


Wonderful staff. Great service and they explained everything before doing it

—By Anonymous


Dr. Kenfield is a dentist with a good doctor patient rapport. He makes a thorough oral check and doesn't suggest a lot of dental repair work for those of us who are seniors and have had fillings for a long, long time.

—By Anonymous

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