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Dr. Waldau Patient Reviews

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I came in for a cleaning. Holly was the hygienist that took care of me. She was fantastic. The cleaning was very thorough and painless. She seemed genuinely interested in my dental hygiene habits and provided me with helpful tips to improve. I'm not sure anyone really looks forward to a dentist visit; however I am not dreading my next one. Thanks again.

—By Ross D.


It was a great visit. I felt very relaxed and welcomed. From check-in through leaving, it was very good. The whole staff made it an easy and painless experience.

—By Anonymous


The doctor was very professional and made me relax, worry and pain free.

—By Dewayne P.


Oh the horror stories one can hear about root canals, but my experience with Dr. Waldau and a root canal was completely different. He made sure I was comfortable and at ease, let me know to call right away if something went wrong. There was minor discomfort when the numbing medication wore off but I did not feel a single thing during. Thank you Dr. Waldau!!

—By Anonymous


The whole environment is warm, the doctor and the assistant made me feel secure and he explained to me everything he was going to perform in advance, which is really important to me.

—By Anya A-R

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